SP Seam Sealer
Lynx Bead Welder

Seamtek SP Line of Seam Sealers

Featuring SmartSeal™ Computer Controlled Seam Sealing Technology

  • SP22, SP36, SP60 & SP72
    • Featuring 22"-72" throat options
    • Perfect for technical garments
  • SP72P
    • Including 36"-72" throat options
    • THE machine for tarp and shelter manufacturing
  • Lynx Bead Welder
    • Specifically designed to weld the extruded vinyl bead to the unsupported PVC liner material for the purpose of making vinyl swimming pool liners
  • Lower Wheel Modules and Accessories
    • These accessories make the SP line the most versatile seam sealer available
  • SmartSeal™ core technology
    • Add digital control to any sealer

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